Digital Marketing

I create ads for people. The content and give you advice as to what are the best publishing sites to do so.

Text me for more info at 323-906-7012

lexus ads

SNAPCHAT.PDF Quote Geo-Fencing for a Year on one App (Snap Inc)


SEO, SEM, Geo-Fencing, Digital Display, Banner Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Display ExampleHulu Ads, Vimeo Ads, You Tube Advertising, Mobile Advertising, HyperLocal, Local Search, Web Development, Hosting, Marketing ROI reports, Performance Reports, Social Media Management, Reputation Management, Public Relations, Press Releases.




  • Digital Display is a fancy word for Internet Banner Ad

Video Pre-Roll is a fancy word for You Tube Commercials, or Video Commercials you see on Instagram, Pop-Ups, before you check out a video on Facebook, Hulu, or on content Websites like Complex, Vibe, Time Magazine, etc.

Lexus Ad

See this ad?  It says 2016 Lexus. That’s an “internet banner ad, you’ll see a matching ad on the top right from Keyes Lexus. That’s an “internet banner ad” on the Google Network, which You Tube belongs to. This ad was created by Complex, otherwise, me. This ad, however, is very easy to launch, especially on the right network.


Then, the video being played before you check out a 2017 Maserati Levante is called “Video Pre-Roll.”

Remarketing / Retargeting (same word)  basically, you can have 100 websites pointing at your site, but if you don’t have a Retargeting Pixel, all of your investments are futile.

Call me if you need advice on how to Advertise yourself properly without spending money.





Public Relations Solutions

  • Press Releases
  • Event Planning/Coordinating – Red Carpet Events
  • Digital Strategies for Artist Managers
  • Crisis Management – If you’re thinking, “My client is has gone postal on twitter and he just got some bad press and I need help.” This sort of Reputation Management requires an emergency appointment. Please call 323-906-7850


Social Media Management

My clients have included

Red Grant – Comedian

Hope Flood – Comedian

Comedian BoogieB

Car Dealerships

Independent & Franchise, Ford, Chrysler, etc.

Artists, Actors


– Design a Social Media Strategy

  • Program Tweets 1 year in advance
  • program status updates
  • cross post to blogs
  • Native Advertising- Advertorials on Snapchat (see below)

I can launch some of these campaigns for you, for a minimum investment of $10000 a month.

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