If you’re an art student please check out  it is the best resource for learning about the academic art world, this year I’m planning on attending the conference, see you there.


If you’re looking to make art and you need money to do it, go to or or

If you know about a Chicano Artist that makes Media Art, send me his/her name at zulmaa@ g mail  dot com (I’m researching all the Chicano New Media Artists at the moment)

One of my hobbies is Comedy, send me funny jokes or stories via email here zulmaa@g mail dot com

If you know about Native Americans, American Indians that make New Media Art, please email me their names and project as well, I am also interested in that research

I have a project called The Brown Hand, call me if you’d like to participate in that participatory photo and video session, and you live in the LA area, texting works better, I barely check my voicemails on this line (323)906-7012



Zulma Aguiar | 323.906.7012 BORN Salinas, California, 1975


2001 BA Communications, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla

2007 MFA iEAR, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York


2005 “Turnstyle!” (6;00 and 3;00) two channel video installation loops on DVD’s mini

2007 Humanitarian Water (3;00) mini-dv

2006 Casheamelo (1;19) mini-dv

2006“Turnstyle,” Life size Sculptural Interactive Video Installation, Max MSP/Jitter, MakingThings Teleo, Fabricated Lifesize turnstile doo

2005 “Juarez Mothers Fight Femicide,” (8;00) mini-dv

1999 Bodies & Boundaries an Encounter at the Border, (8;00) DV-CAM


2018 The Brown Hand – Photo & Video Series & Performance

2016 Soldadera Performance Artist –

2009 CANASTA Interactive art piece based on how Mexican residents purchase food

2008 TURNSTYLE developing new video and researching open source solution to Max MSP Jitter patch

2007 “Freedman’s Village” Public Art installation, Arlington National Cemetery formerly property of African American Freed Syphax Family

2006-Ongoing Video Blog:

2005-Ongoing Women of Juarez:

1995-Ongoing Artist Website:


2007 AT&T 5,000 towards Parents and Allies for Student’s Success at Arlington NAACP

2005 Full Fellow, Humanities & Social Sciences, RPI, Troy, NY 100% tuition & Stipend

2004 Fellow, Humanities & Social Sciences, RPI, Troy, NY 100% Tuition 2004 Research Assistant, Experimental Media & Performance Art Center, 100% Stipend SOLO EXHIBITIONS

2007 “Turnstyle,” MediaNoche, New York City GROUP SHOWS, ART FAIRS & FESTIVALS

2007 “Edmonston” curated by Mike L. for the City of Edmonston Maryland celebrating Hispanic Heritage

2007 “Ofrenda”curated byArt Outlet

2007 “5th Annual San Diego Women’s Film Festival” CASHEAMELO

2007 “National Museum of Women in the Arts’ 20th Anniversary Festival of Women’s Film & Media Arts”

2007 “Metamorphosis Group Art Show” Arlington, Virginia

2006 “Empty-Set-Go,” represented Turnstyle, RPI Integrated Electronic Arts: Troy, New York

2006 “V-DAY: UNTIL THE VIOLENCE STOPS: NYC Festival: It’s hard out here for a girl” Brooklyn Museum, New York City

2006 ” Eye AM: Women Behind the Lens,” Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), Vicky Kerezi
2006 “Film Night in the Heights,” Heights Entertainment, Washington Heights, New York City

2006 “J. Paul Taylor Symposium on Social Justice: Focus on the Women of Juarez,” New Mexico State University. Las Cruzes, New Mexico 2005 “O.P.P.,Obcess, Profess, and Process” RPI Integrated Electronic Arts: Troy, New York

2005 “M.a.F.i.A.,” RPI Integrated Electronic Arts: Troy, New York

2005 “Self Portaits,” RPI Advanced Drawing Class, “Corn Goddess”

2004 “SNOWNO,” RPI Integrated Electronic Arts: Troy, New York 2001 “Digital vs. Analog Photography,” Binational Association of Schools of Communication of the Californias (

2001 “Bodies & Boundaries: An Encounter at the Border” – San Diego/Tijuana Borderhack Festival 2.0 (August 24 2000 “Bodies & Boundaries: An Encounter at the Border” – San Diego/Tijuana Borde

1999 “Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana” a winner from the


2007 “Networked Performance” by Jo-Anne Greene from

2006 “Vloggercon,” Video Streaming and IRC participation. San Francisco, California

2006 “AB-TIME,” a Pauline Oliveros Dance Performance with Marsaille, France and Vancouver, Canad

2006 “The Great Wall of Chinga”, Tomas J. Benitez & Shervin Shahbazi


2009 Grossmont College, Victor Ochoa, co-founder of Border Arts Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo, Chicana Art Lecture

2007 “The Making of a Turnstyle,” artist lecture, Media Noche New Media Art Gallery, New York City

2006 “Public Art,” visiting artist, University of Colorado, Denver, Assistant Professor, Ann

2006 “Photoshop imaging,” guest lecturer, CUNY, Staten Island, Assistant Professor, Valerie Tevere

2006 “Granito de Arena & JMFF,” guest lecturer, Times-Up!

2006 “Women of Juarez,” guest lecturer, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts

2006 “Juarez Mothers,” guest lecturer, Federation of Ideas, Albany, New York 2006 “International Day of Women, Ciudad Juarez,” guest lecturer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

2001 “San Diego Indymedia” panelist, Binational Association of Schools of Communication of the Californias

1999 “Mexican American Web Art,” Binational Association of Schools of Communication of the Californias


2007 “Bordertown vs. JMFF,” Der Spiegel, Daniela Gerson 2007 “Juarez Mothers Fight Femicide” The Riz Khan Show, Al-Jazeera English, Fethi Abraha

2006 “Turnstyle,” KBOO, Portland Oregon, Eduardo Tierre 2006 “Juarez Femicide,” KBOO, Portland Oregon, Eduardo Tierre O]


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